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SAM Medical SAM Thorasite, 25pk Box

SAM Medical SAM Thorasite, 25pk Box

SAM Medical

SAM ThoraSite is an anatomical landmark guide, designed to provide a safer approach to the pleural space by pinpointing the procedure site. The device aids in identifying the appropriate intercostal space for lateral thoracostomies and similar procedures. ThoraSite is non-sterile and intended to be single-use. SAFETY ZONE WINDOW Highlighted alignment area safely guides user to the appropriate procedure site. BILATERAL APPLICATION Dual sided device accommodates procedures on patients' left and right side. AXILLA HOOK Developed to be inserted into the patient’s axilla for device alignment between the anterior axillary line (AAL) and the midaxillary line (MAL). ALIGNMENT ARROW Designed to align the device with the patient’s anterior iliac crest/hip.


  • Manufacture SKU TS200-25P-EN
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